Free Electricity from a Electric Magnet Generator
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Magnets 4 Energy (Recommended)

Product Review:

We bought it and here is what we found out. This is not a scam. It works! This magnet generator isa great free electricity from a electric magnet generator project. You will gain so much confidence after your first generator you will want to built a bigger one right a way. Residential Energy Kit regards Magnets 4 Energy a safe buy.

Magnets 4 Energy project is based on the Perendev and Bedini (the wheel) magnetic motor principles; but, repackaged for easy home construction to make free electricity from a electric magnet generator. Magnets 4 Energy is very easy to build and modify for smaller or larger scale.

Magnets 4 Energy building instructions are written for any handyman. You will not need a lot of experience in construction techniques.

The generator works on magnetic repulsion and attraction principle from forces at the sub atomic level (the same place gravity comes from) and will deliver "free electricity". This energy is not totally free. The power is stored in the magnets at the factory.

Because the motion comes from forces at the atomic level, it is very efficient and will last for a seemingly long time. But, after a few years the magnets will grow weak and need replacing. Not quite perpetual or over unity; where you get something for nothing. You can see magnetic motion in video's on our home page.

The good thing about this design is the choice of magnet is not very restrictive. Most any ceramic magnet will do.

This magnet generator guide is full of energy savings tips as well as the instructions to build free electricity from a electric magnet generator.

The magnet generator materials cost is about $100 - $200. Common handyman tools is all you will need.

With this magnet generator guide you get a basic design that you can build and recommendations for a variety of different size magnet generator. The product makes no claim of output power.

With more than one generator and a battery bank, We feel you could seriously power your household. This is a great magnet generator project that with just one magnet generator you will reduce your power bill significantly..

Powering your home and cutting back on your power bill with a magnetic generator really is possible. The above DIY project really works. Would you like to know more about building your own full scale magnetic generator? Visit the Magnets 4 Energy generator website today to discover how easy and simply it is to build your own generator and starting making your own home power today.

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    Magnet Generator Benefits
  • Compact, no tower and no roof installation.
  • Each unit can produce power for household energy needs.
  • Works anywhere, day or night, wind or calm, warm or cold.
  • Components are readily available from the internet or local hardware.
  • Building instructions are complete and help access is built in for any questions.
  • Inexpensive, under $50 for the guide and $100 - $200 for materials.
Retail Price $97.99 SALE Only $47
Ease of use: magnet
Support: magnet
Value Satisfaction: magnet


Product Review:

Magnet generator has been well documented since the 1990'.

After decades of amature attempts to make this concept practical we now see products for the consumer to build a free energy generator. Magniwork is the leader.

After building the magnet generator you will get a rugged professional unit. The design is based on the mini Romag but unlike the mini Romag the instructions are written with construction methods and techniques.

The building instructions are not for the novice handyman. You will need some experience in construction techniques. One of the problems with this guide is it lacks an easy step-by-step presentation, bill of material and proven source of material. On the other hand all of the necessary information is included in a narrative, this is not as effective and a re-write is needed. If you need easy, don't get this guide and consider the Magnets 4 Energy. However, if you want the hottest guide on the internet this is it.

The magnet generator works on magnet repulsion and attraction and will deliver free energy. Perpetual motion is not possible but the magnetic propulsion is. Over unity is not possible but free power is. Sure the power comes from somewhere but your not paying for it.

This guide is full of energy savings tips as well as the instructions to build a generator. The magnet generator materials cost is about $100 - $200. Common handyman tools is all you will need. The Alnico magnets are available by special order and are not a stock item.

With this design you get a magnet generator output of 24 watts. It does not need sun, wind or other natural forces. So, it will run 24/7.That is equivalent to a 70 watt solar panel generating power for 8.2 hours a day.With one unit, storage batteries and an inverter you can make household AC electricity.

Because, this design does not show you how to scale its size, We do not believe it is practical to power a whole house. If you are determined, you can make more than one and gang them together for as much power as you need.

The lack of step by step building plans makes Magniwork a very difficult generator to build and after failed promises by Magniwork for a re-write, I no longer recommend this product.

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Free Electricity from a Electric Magnet Generator
Retail Price $197 SALE Only $49
Ease of use: magnet
Support: magnet
Value Satisfaction: magnet

This video presented by Magniwork is misleading. The horizontal axis motor is different than Magniwork vertical axis generator.

The "Zero Point Energy" presentation is amazing. You have to see it.


Why Make Your Own Home Energy?

Tired of Energy Price Increases? Want some relief? Build magnet generator. You can easily slash your electricity bill by 20 -25% for a $100 - $200 investment. Build several magnet generators and you can fire your power company.

You have nothing to lose. These guides will show you how to make homemade electricity. No questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.

Free green renewable homemade energy. It can be yours now.

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When Doesa Magnet Generator beat Solarand Wind?

Magnet generator cost about the same as Solar Panels to build but unlike Solar or Wind it is not dependent on mother nature. It will run 24/7 and with batteries storing the power, it can be 2 to 3 times more effective.

The supporting equipment such as battery charge controllers and powerinverters to make AC household power is the same cost as Solar or Wind energy choices.

For higher power where a tower is not a problem go to Wind Generator . For a non mechanical solution to free power go to Solar Panels

Need Alnico magnets for this project? Contact Me.

Good source of magnets.

Need proof of concept that magnet motors work? Click Here

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Free Electricity from a Electric Magnet Generator